U.S. District Judge Dismisses Lawsuit by Apple Retail Employees Over After Hour Bag Searches

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Today, U.S. District Judge William Alsup dismissed a lawsuit against Apple that had been raised by several retail employees over Apple’s policy of conducting required security searches of personal bags without compensation after workers had clocked out for a meal break or at the end of their shifts.

The class action lawsuit covered thousands of retail employees at Apple’s California retail stores. In his ruling, Alsup noted that employees could have avoided the searches by not bringing personal bags to work.

The lawsuit had been restricted to California as the U.S. Supreme Court had previously ruled workers are not entitled to compensation for time spent in bag searches that happened during unpaid time under federal law.

An attorney for the plaintiffs in the case reports they are weighing their potential next steps, which could include an appeal of Alsup’s ruling.

[via Reuters]