Uber Eats Releases Data Showing Which Canadian Cities Tip the Most

Uber Eats has released data that shows the top 10 cities in Canada that rank as the best when it comes to tipping.

Uber Eats says the average tip on an Uber Eats order has jumped by more than 55 percent since the week of March 9, when the COVID-19 pandemic began to significantly impact many Canadian cities.

Uber Eats says Canadians tend to tip more on Fridays and Saturdays, with significantly larger tips — about 33 percent higher than the daily average — on orders placed between 5pm and 6pm.

The company says customers tip the most for Japanese food, followed by Thai, Italian, and pub fare, respectively.

The Top 10 list of cities with the most generous tippers, according to Uber Eats:

  1. Quebec City
  2. Victoria
  3. Sherbrooke
  4. Gatineau
  5. Montreal
  6. Edmonton
  7. Vancouver
  8. Calgary
  9. Trois-Rivieres
  10. Saskatoon

According to the Uber Eats website, tips are not expected but customers who want to include a tip with their payment can do so via the app during checkout or when rating the delivery person. Customers can also give cash tips if they desire.

In the case of Uber Eats delivery, the driver gets to keep 100 percent of the tips they’re given, so giving them even a small tip can help to substantially boost their overall earnings.

“And over the past 2 months, Canadians have contributed more than $1,000,000 to the restaurants that they love through the in-app direct-to-restaurant contributions feature,” concludes the company. “Uber Eats has matched the first million with a contribution to the Canadian Hospitality Relief Fund in support of workers in financial need.”