Ukrainian Developer Readdle Assures Customers of Disruption-Free Service

With over 200 employees, Ukrainian-founded tech startup Readdle has assured its customers that its product services remain unaffected by Russian aggression.

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Readdle’s Ukraine team members are based out of Odessa and Kviv and have been developing productivity apps used by millions globally for over 10 years. Some of the most popular apps from Readdle include PDF Expert, Spark email, Documents, Scanner Pro, and Calendars.

“All critical Readdle infrastructure is up and running and there will be no disruptions to anything customer-facing as a result of the complex situation in Ukraine,” said Igor Zhadanov, Readdle Founder and CEO.

Readdle has an extensive international footprint in over 11 countries, and we can assure our clients that the services for all our world-class productivity tools will remain uninterrupted.

Our products have always given the highest priority to customer security and system reliability and are hosted in the cloud with best-in-class providers ensuring that all data and infrastructure is safe and unaffected. Readdle’s team members are fully equipped to work remotely and have successfully done so throughout the pandemic and we are set up to maintain our services through any period of disruption in Ukraine.

Readdle says its primary focus is the safety and well-being of its team members and their families. The company has already developed plans to deal with various scenarios and is ready to implement financial and other support for its team members at short notice.