Apple USB Power Adapter Takeback Program Will Cost $11 in Canada

Apple announced their USB Power Adapter Takeback Program a week ago but it has been recently updated to include countries outside the USA and China (via 9to5Mac). Canada is now included along with Australia, France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Screen Shot 2013 08 12 at 11 31 44 PM

A drop down menu displays an option to select your country, which then reveals appropriate pricing. In our case, a replacement USB power adapter will cost $11 in Canada (versus $10 in the USA; blame the exchange rate?):

If you need a replacement adapter to charge your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, we recommend getting an Apple USB power adapter. For a limited time, you can purchase one Apple USB power adapter at a special price — $11 CAD. To qualify, you must turn in at least one USB power adapter and bring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to an Apple Retail Store or participating Apple Authorized Service Provider for serial number validation. The special pricing on Apple USB power adapters is limited to one adapter for each iPhone, iPad, and iPod you own and is valid until October 18, 2013.

You will be required to trade in a third party adapter to qualify for the program, which starts in three days and ends on October 18, 2013. Anyone going to jump on this?