Some Mac Users are Underwhelmed with the 2016 MacBook Pro

In a recent article on his blog titled New MacBook Pros and the State of the MacMichael Tsai has rounded up what some underwhelmed Mac users are saying about the 2016 MacBook Pro, saying that while there’s nothing particularly wrong with the new model, it is just “not a true Pro notebook”. Tsai says he’s been wanting to upgrade his 4.5 years old Retina MacBook Pro but now, he’s no longer sure that he wants a MacBook Pro as his main computer.


He sums up his thoughts about the new MacBook Pro in these words:

The new MacBook Pro has a premium price for a Mac that’s still limited to 16 GB of RAM, has CPU performance that is likely lackluster because Apple didn’t talk about it in the keynote, and apparently doesn’t have such a great GPU, either. Apple prioritized thinness and lightness, which I care about hardly at all. I would rather have better performance, a good keyboard, more storage, a larger display, more ports so I don’t have to carry dongles, an SD card slot, etc. Double the weight and half the battery life would be fine with me. I’m not saying Apple shouldn’t make thin and light notebooks, but why do they all have to be that way?

Tsai then goes on to round up what some other disappointed Mac users are saying about the new MacBook Pro, citing Tweets and excerpts from articles by leading tech journalists and websites. Below are a select few:

Peter Kirn (via Michael Yacavone):

It was really hard for me to watch Apple’s “Hello Again” event today. Understanding history is important – to a point. But Apple’s obsessive naval gazing in the Mac event today speaks volumes. This is a company with no real vision for what its most creative users actually do with their most advanced machines. So, instead, they look into the past.

Owen Williams (Hacker News):

Apple spent the entire event comparing itself to its own past, rather than showing us the future, and even then painted a very clear picture: it has no idea who the Mac is for.

Adam Knight:

After watching yesterday’s Apple Event and reading around a bit at the reactions, I’ve become concerned for the future of the Mac, at least in the hands of the current leadership at Apple.

Yoni Heisler:

Apple’s new MacBook Pro has created quite a stir in the Mac community, with many developers and creative professionals expressing outrage and frustration that Apple has seemingly created a Pro machine that is decidedly underwhelming and watered down.

Do you also feel underwhelmed with the new MacBook Pro?