What’s New in iOS 14 Beta 4 [VIDEO]

What s new ios 14 beta 4

YouTube channel zollotech has released a video detailing some of the latest changes in today’s iOS 14 beta 4 release for developers. Below are some changes in this latest beta:

  • Modem update
  • Weather widget updates in real-time
  • Picture-in-Picture FaceTime now works
  • 3D Touch now works again
  • Exposure Notifications now work for applicable apps (such as Canada’s COVID Alert)
  • New widget: Apple TV in 3 sizes
  • New widget for single Shortcuts
  • Spotlight search results improved
  • iPadOS: Weather widget is back

Zollotech says beta 4 feels like it is “performing well”, but battery life still remains an issue. He also notes iOS 14 beta 4 on older devices such as iPhone SE still runs fairly smoothly, with gaming showing some good frame rates in Minecraft.

When it comes to Geekbench scores, there were minor performance updates. Overall, the update ran ‘hot’ on his devices and the primary concern remains battery life, which should get better and improve as Apple releases more betas.