WhatsApp to Implement Controversial Privacy Policy in ‘Coming Weeks’

Whatsapp privacy

WhatsApp has explained on Thursday it plans to re-introduce its privacy policy that caused backlash against the app in the “coming weeks”.

Last month, WhatsApp started informing users they needed to agree to new privacy terms or lose access to the app. The new privacy policy also detailed data sharing with parent company Facebook. Many users ended up pushing back and ditched WhatsApp for alternatives such as Telegram or Signal.

Today, WhatsApp now explains, “In the coming weeks, we’ll display a banner in WhatsApp providing more information that people can read at their own pace. We’ve also included more information to try and address concerns we’re hearing,” says the company blog post, titled, “More Information about Our Update.”

“Eventually, we’ll start reminding people to review and accept these updates to keep using WhatsApp,” it says.

As for its use of your information? WhatsApp says it will have “some limited data”.

“We believe people are looking for apps to be both reliable and safe, even if that requires WhatsApp having some limited data. We strive to be thoughtful on the decisions we make and we’ll continue to develop new ways of meeting these responsibilities with less information, not more,” noted the messaging app.

“We deeply appreciate everyone who has helped us address concerns and remain available to answer any questions. We haven’t stopped building for 2021 and can’t wait to share more in the weeks and months ahead,” concluded the Facebook-owned company.

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