WIND Mobile Monthly Plans Leaked?

Remember how WIND mobile was given life again by the Federal Government and allowed to launch their new wireless network in Canada? Well, it looks like someone with loose lips has possibly leaked WIND Mobile’s monthly plans over at Howard Forums. I’ve already heard from some of you that WIND has setup stores within Blockbuster Video locations.

Take a look at the following and tell me what you think:

Chat: $15 per month
Unlimited WIND to WIND calling (Canada wide)
Unlimited incoming text
100 province-wide voice minutes
50 text messages

Always Talk: $35 per month
Unlimited WIND to WIND calling (Canada wide)
Unlimited province-wide calling
Unlimited incoming text
50 outgoing text messages

Always Shout: $45 per month
Unlimited Canada-wide calling
Unlimited incoming /outgoing text messages

Data Plans
Infinite Mobile: $35 per month (used with any voice plan)
Unlimited internet for phones (tethering too)

Infinite Laptop: $45 per month
Unlimited internet for USB data sticks

Possibly there will be a web on your phone only type data plan for $10/mn.

BlackBerry data plans
Social BlackBerry: $10 per month
instant messaging, Facebook and MySpace.

Infinite BlackBerry: $35 per month (used with any voice plan)
Unlimited internet for

Voice: 10c Per Minute with the $15 plan
SMS: 10c each
MMS: 20c each
Voicemail: $5

Long Distance:
$20 for unlimited North America
I don’t have a lot of other details on long distance, there is going to be a number of different plans.

If these prices are indeed true, this is good news for consumers. Why? Well because they put pressure on Rogers, Telus, and Bell to either match or beat WIND’s plans. What strikes my eye is the $15 monthly plan that has unlimited WIND to WIND calling. Think about the sheer number of students that would sign up to such a plan!

Either way, I’m excited to see what WIND can do to mix up the wireless services we have in Canada. Their prices and launch remind me of Fido and Clearnet back in the day, prior to them both being bought out (by Rogers and Telus). Let’s hope WIND can sustain itself and truly offer Canadians decent prices and good customer service.

As for the iPhone on the WIND network, it won’t happen since it’s a 1700MHz spectrum. If Apple is smart, they would hit up WIND for selling the upcoming iPhone…as that would really give WIND some speed to come out of the gates! Wishful thinking, but we all know anything is possible. We know that WIND has already mentioned plans to carry the iPhone in the future:

Lacavera said the company, which will focus on high-end smartphones, will launch with the BlackBerry, but added he is in discussions to begin carrying Apple Inc.’s iPhone at a later date.

What do you think of these plans?