Wired Google Nest Doorbell Leaks Early on Store Shelves

As reported by 9to5Google, Google’s new wired Nest Doorbell which appeared in the Google Home app last month has been leaked early in stores with availability expected later this week.

New nest doorbell wired jpg

The new Nest Doorbell was spotted in a Best Buy store, with the packaging saying “2nd generation” and “Wired” with a check mark, in white and dark gray colour options.

The general packaging is unchanged from the Nest Doorbell (battery), which for comparison just notes “Battery” in the bottom-left corner. According to the store manager, the new wired Nest Doorbell apparently has a release date of Tuesday, October 4, and is priced at US $179.99.

In terms of design, Nest Doorbell 2 features the same design as its predecessor but isn’t as tall. Expect 24/7 continuous video history recording to be the key advantage over event-based history.

There will probably be additional colors, like the battery model (i.e., dark green and beige). The battery version’s retail packaging will presumably get updated as well.

Best Buy’s register system is unfortunately preventing purchase as this is still an unreleased product. That price would be identical to the battery model and cheaper than the original Hello.

Last month, Google announced users can expect “additions to the Nest smart home portfolio” on October 6 at its Made by Google event.