Yahoo Quietly Releases Answers Application For iOS, Currently Invite-Only

Yahoo has quietly launched their newest mobile application, bringing the popular Yahoo services Answers to your phone in a simple package that mimics the online layout, according to a new report from TechCrunch.


The app, officially called Yahoo Answers Now, is available for iOS and at the time of writing, according to the source, can be accessed only by invitation.

Previously the tech company tried a different answers-type of app called Yahoo Hive, attempting to compete with Quora, but the company eventually decided to end that experiment and bring back its successful Answers service.

Yahoo Answers Now lets users see, ask, answer and follow threads within the online community. When one opens the app, they’ll have a search engine that lets them find topics, as well as a handful of outstanding questions that appear by popularity of the topic.

If you want to use Yahoo Answers Now right now, you will have to send an email to Although you can download the app from the App Store, you need an invitation code to use the service.

Yahoo has not indicated if intends to formally launch the service solely through iOS or whether it will carry over to the Android platform.