YWCA Toronto Releases Women in Trades and Technology App

YWCA Toronto has recently released a new Women in Trades and Technology (WiTT) app, which makes it easier for women to gain entry into the skilled trades and technology sectors while promoting gender equity (via Daily Commercial News).


The app has been designed and developed by graduates from the YWCA Toronto’s iOS and Android Mobile Application Developer program, and allows women to easily connect with job opportunities, news, events, and other women in the industry.

“We needed a way of getting in touch with our graduates faster, more efficiently and to stay in touch with them,” said YWCA Toronto’s employment and training manager Dolores Montavez-Ruz.

“The app is very simple. It just has basic features right now, although I am hopeful we are going to get more funding to make it a little bit more interactive and add new features,” Montavez-Ruz said. “We are very aware that if it performs the function and the task that we designed it for then funding will be available to increase features and make it more interactive for users, add some accessibility capabilities.”

The app is public and anybody can download it. Community partners are welcome to post job, training, and networking opportunities that are offered free of charge.