GIVEAWAY: Add Some Color To Your iPhone 5 With ‘iCarbons’ [Winners Announced]


There’s no denying the first thing that comes to my mind every time I pick up a new smartphone, tablet or pretty much any new gadget, is iCarbons. Made with premium quality 3M material, these precisely cut textured carbon fiber skins never cease to impress me. I’ve used them with all of my Apple devices including iPhone 4S, Retina iPad , Mac Mini, Retina MacBook Pro, iPad Mini and iPhone 5. And since they offer quick ‘n easy installation and residue free removal, I love swapping them with new colors and textures every now and then.


With the iPhone 5 Two Tone skins, you get the added option of mixing and matching different colors. You can either select from a variety of preset color options available, or simply build a Custom iPhone 5 kit yourself. You get to pick the front skin color, the back skin, the sides and the accents of your choice.





The more variety of skins you have, the more mix ‘n match options become available to you for customizing your iPhone 5. I’ve tried the black, white and brushed aluminum for iPhone 5 in the past so this time, I thought of adding some red and blue to my handset. Take a look!





I’ve actually used two different accents for the rear top (red) and bottom (blue), which kinda looks cool with white in the middle. The sides are white, while the front skin is blue with a red home button. Even with two sets of custom iPhone 5 kits, you get endless color options to play with.




20% Discount Code:

Don’t forget to use the promo code “IPIC” at checkout to get 20% off until 8/31/13.

The Giveaway:

We have 3 iCarbon skins for iPhone 5 to give away. Each winner will be randomly picked who will have the option to pick an iPhone skin of his choice from As usual, you can enter the contest in three easy steps:

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  2. Follow @iCarbonsdotcom on Twitter.
  3. Follow @iPhoneInCanada & @DrUsmanQ (thats me) on Twitter so we can contact you via a Direct Message if you win.

NOTE: If you also leave a comment below, this will increase your chances of winning. Don’t forget to leave your Twitter ID with it.

[UPDATE] Winners Announcement:

Here are the Twitter IDs of our 3 winners:

  1. @awabia
  2. @Adamo447
  3. @JRTabula

Congratulations to our lucky winners and many thanks to everyone who participated!