Here Are the Best Spigen Cases for iPhone 6/6s Plus [REVIEW]

Over the past many years, Spigen has earned a reputation of producing some of the best iPhone cases in the world. Each year, the California-based accessory maker updates its ever growing lineup of iPhone cases with colour and design tweaks, and this year, it’s been no different either. Following the launch of the iPhone 6s Plus, the company sent us a selection of their new case offerings and over the past few weeks, we’ve tried and tested each one. Here’s a run down of what we think are the the best of the bunch.

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Please note that all cases reviewed here are fully compatible with both the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus devices. So if any specific case is listed on Spigen’s website for ‘6s Plus’, rest assured that it fits and functions just as well on last year’s ‘6 Plus’ as well.

Spigen Slim Armor and Tough Armor Cases for iPhone 6/6s Plus

Spigen’s Armor cases have been my favourite ever since they first came out for iPhone 5. Over the years, the cases have evolved significantly, and have not only slimmed down a little, but have also improved in tactility and overall build quality, while offering an even better level of drop protection with their signature Air Cushion Technology.

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The Slim Armor case ($24.99 on, as the name implies, is slightly slimmer than the Tough Armor ($27.99 on, and has a rounded body at the edges, which makes it a lot more comfortably to hold. Both cases feature a 2-piece case design, and are made out of flexible TPU and hard polycarbonate materials. Power and volume buttons are well defined and offer excellent tactile response in both, while raised lip offers useful protection for the screen. Even the cutouts on both are now larger than before, and can easily accommodate thicker headphone jacks and lightning cables, such as those offered by Just Mobile.

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Both cases also have a sleek, built-in kickstand which quite frankly, is what I absolutely love about these cases. Of course they are chunkier than most cases out there and in fact, thicker than all of Spigen’s iPhone 6/6s Pus case offerings too, but functionally, I think they are the most practical as well. The Slim Armor’s rounded body feels really nice in your hand despite the slight bulk it adds to the iPhone, the drop protection is arguably the best in the market, the kickstand is very steady and the case even lets you show off that glorious Apple logo at the back.

For me, these two cases are probably at the top of Spigen’s current iPhone 6/6s Pus case lineup. Check out some shots comparing the Tough and Slim amor cases.

DSC 0178

DSC 0181

DSC 0185

DSC 0189

Spigen Rugged Armor and Neo Hybrid Carbon Cases for iPhone 6/6s Plus

For those who want to spend the least amount of money on a case, but still want one that is stylish, protective and does not add much bulk to their iPhone, the Rugged Armor ($14.99 on is hands down the best option for them. Spigen’s newly designed soft-TPU case with Carbon fiber accents is not only an eye-catcher, but is also quite thin and offers excellent drop protection, once again thanks to Air Cushion Technology. Tactility on the buttons is great, cutouts are wide and raised lip protects the screen nicely. Check out the following pics for a better idea.

DSC 0072

DSC 0075

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If you’re willing to spend a little more, Spigen’s Neo Hybrid Carbon ($26.99 on is an even better option. It features the same TPU shell with carbon fiber accents as the Rugged Armor, while offering dual bumper “Military Grade” protection with a thicker polycarbonate frame for reinforced durability at the cutouts. The Hybrid case’s bumper frame is available in eye-catching red, yellow and gunmetal colour options. Check out the pics below:

DSC 0093

DSC 0098

DSC 0103

Spigen Neo Hybrid EX and Liquid Crystal Cases for iPhone 6/6s Plus

Transparent iPhone cases have always been the most popular, especially when a new iPhone comes out and everybody wants to show off its design and colour, something that holds very much true for the owners of the Rose Gold iPhone 6s Plus (myself included). Here’s where Spigen’s transparent Neo Hybrid EX ($25.99 on comes in, which not only offers a scratch-resistant, flexible TPU shell, but also features a colour-matched hard polycarbonate bumper with metallic buttons in a 2-piece case design. Slightly raised lip offers necessary screen protection while an inner dot pattern prevents bubbled smudges on the back of the iPhone. For me, the Neo Hybrid EX is the best transparent iPhone case ever.

DSC 0040

DSC 0066

DSC 0056

Once again, if you don’t want to spend a little extra for a transparent iPhone case, simply grab the Spigen Liquid Crystal ($14.99 on Despite its super thin, flexible TPU material, the case is durable enough to offer scratch and bump protection, while maintaining the original look and shape of the iPhone 6/6s Plus.

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So there you go, these are some of the best Spigen iPhone 6/6s Plus cases in terms of how they look, how they function and most importantly, how well they protect your device. If you already have one or more of these, we’d love to hear your thoughts about them, and in case you’re planning to, feel free to discuss with us in the comments section.