Hands-On: Nonda USB-C to USB 3.0 Mini Adapter for MacBook Pro [PICS]

If you’ve ordered a new MacBook Pro from Apple, you know it’s all about Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C ports only. Apple currently has slashed its cables by 25% to help early adopters adhere to #donglelife. Prior to the price drop, we ordered the nonda USB-C to USB-A mini adapter in Space Gray, which the German company claims is the “world’s smallest.”

Here are some unboxing and hands-on pictures below.

As you can see, the packaging is very minimal and small, like the adapter itself:

IMG 1073 2

The adapter pretty much can hide behind a Toonie, that’s how small it is (and how easy it will be to lose):

IMG 1074

IMG 1076

IMG 1075

The USB-A part of the adapter was a tight squeeze for our Apple Lightning cable. We purchased this adapter so we would be able to charge our iPhone 7 Plus on our Mac or plug in other USB-A accessories:

IMG 1089

Now when we tried to pull the Lightning cable’s USB end out, the tight fit broke our connector, dislodging the plastic from the metal casing. As of writing, we need to get some pliers to take the metal part out of the nonda adapter. I don’t know if Apple’s quality is to blame, or the nonda for fitting so frickin’ tight. Maybe a bit of both here, but I’ve never seen one of my Apple Lightning cables do this.

IMG 1090

After experiencing the damage seen to our cable, this $10.99 adapter is going back to Amazon.ca and we’re going to order one from Apple instead at the discounted price of $10 with free shipping (until Dec. 31, 2016).