Schmap for the iPhone & iPod Touch: City Highlights Made Easy

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Schmap for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a cool website that lets you locate restaurants, shopping, parks, hotels, etc. in your city destination of choice. All you have to do is enter in your location and go from there. Schmap is currently for beta testers and will launch on May 12th.

However, with the heads up from Donald from Schamp, he has provided us with a special preview code. Given the positive praise from media outlets (TIME, Washington Post, and PC World to name a few) I decided to give Schmap a test run on my iPhone and see how well it really works.

The first step is to visit on your iPhone using Safari. From there, you’ll have to enter the Pre Launch Preview access code: 724627

From there, I chose my country (Canada for all you brainiacs out there) and city (Vancouver). Once that’s selected you can see the main city guide for Vancouver. There’s lots of choice here so you can choose any category you want.

I love to eat so I went with a directory of restaurants located in Downtown Vancouver. A total of 119 results showed up. Now here’s where it gets cool. If you rotate your iPhone into landscape mode, your results will appear with a visual using Google Maps. Using two fingers will allow you to scroll down the list of restaurants–pretty neat! Clicking on any restaurant name will provide you with contact info, and an address that will launch into Google Maps if you click on it.

All in all I would say Schmap is pretty easy to use and full of information. The ability to see a list of restaurants within Google Maps in landscape mode is awesome. I know I’ve added Schmap to my bookmarks, have you? Give it a try!

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