SPIGEN: iPhone 5 Steinheil Series Screen Protector [REVIEW]

For me, Spigen’s Steinheil is the king of all screen protector films. Every time I buy a new iOS device, I know I have to get one. As of now, all my iPhones and iPads have got one of these Steinheil screen protectors and I couldn’t be more satisfied with their durability, scratch resistance and amazing clarity. Now, it’s time to show you how it shines on the new iPhone 5. Check it out!

The Steinheil screen protector series for iPhone 5 features four varieties, each of which has a unique characteristic:

  • Ultra Crystal (25% thicker, clear hard coated film)
  • Ultra Fine (A slightly textured film with 30% increased light transmittance)
  • Ultra Oleophobic (Oleophobic coating, oil resistant coating)
  • Ultra Optics (Matte film, anti-fingerprint)

I chose the Ultra Crystal ($13.99) film for my iPhone 5 for its immaculate clarity and easier installation due to slightly harder surface. The package includes a couple of screen protector films, a squeegee, a micro fiber cloth and also four dust removal stickers which are actually quite handy if you get specs of lint or dust underneath the protector during application. All you do is lift up the protector, with a pin if you have to, and then use the dust removal stickers to remove the particles underneath. (Yeah, it works!)

As you can see in the photos above, all the cutouts are perfectly aligned. Just make sure you do the install in a dust free environment. Remember to close the windows and shut off any fans before you begin the application. Once you get it right, you’ll feel as if there’s no screen protector at all. There is absolutely no blurriness, no rainbow effects or any kind of interference with touch-screen responsiveness.

So, if you’ve got the new iPhone already, this is the thing you need to get next. Highly recommended!