TripMode 3 Review: Data-Saving App is a Must-Have for Canadians

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If you’re not paying for an unlimited data plan in Canada, it can be scary when you’re tethering your wireless data plan to your Mac or other laptop.

This is when TripMode 3 comes in handy for your Mac running macOS Big Sur. The app, which can be set to start up automatically, essentially puts you in full control of what can access your data connection.

The moment you connect your Mac to your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot, TripMode detects this and will turn on, limiting what apps can connect to the web.

From here, you can easily allow or disallow apps on your computer from getting an internet connection. This means you end up using far less data, when you control which apps are connecting to the internet. The macOS Big Sur version allows you to drag the window out to anywhere on your screen, showing you your data usage in real-time, organized by app.

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The app also lets you set a limit on your data usage, cutting off once your limit is reached. You can also set usage warnings based on a limit of your choosing. This is handy if you want to stream videos but don’t want to consume your entire data plan, for example.

TripMode 3 also has a scheduler feature, to turn on at times of your choosing. From here, you can selectively block apps from accessing the net, to increase your productivity.

For Canadians with limited data plans, TripMode allows you to connect to your hotspot connection safely, and limit any apps sapping up your data connection in the background. It’s a must-have app for those who work on the go. It’s so easy to use and seamless to use, and it’s something Apple should include built into macOS at some point.

You can buy TripMode 3 for Mac here, with a single computer license from $23 CAD. The multi-license allows you to run TripMode on your Windows PC.

For those with a Setapp subscription, TripMode 3 is included in the software service, so you can download it right away.