Signal Creator Reportedly Exploited Vulnerabilities in Cellebrite Data Extraction Devices

The the creator of messaging app Signal, has written a long blogpost calling out various vulnerabilities in Cellebrite’s devices. A new report from Vice reports that the founder of security-focused messenger Signal, Moxie Marlinspike, revealed today that he found and exploited vulnerabilities in software from Cellebrite, a company that specializes in digital forensics tools that have been used by authorities […]

Signal Fires Back: Cellebrite Can’t Break Our App Encryption

In response to a BBC article published on Tuesday that all but congratulated Israeli digital intelligence firm Cellebrite on cracking Signal's encryption, the confidential communication app published a blog post to clarify that Cellebrite can't actually bypass Signal's encryption. In fact, Cellebrite never even claimed to be capable of doing so. The original BBC article was...

iPhone Hacking Firm Cellebrite Hacked, 900GB Of Data Stolen

The Israeli company that found fame when it was fingered as a potential source of hacking software used by the FBI to crack open an iPhone has itself been hacked. In a statement on its website, Cellebrite today admitted that an “external web server” containing the company’s license management system had been accessed by an […]

Leaked Documents Show How Much iPhone Data Cellebrite Can Access

State police departments in the U.S. have spent millions of dollars on phone cracking technology from the Israeli firm Cellebrite. Now, leaked documents show just how much the forensic tool can access. Cellebrite is an Israeli forensic research tool that allows its users to crack cellphones, or more specifically the retrieval of mobile data. The […]

Small Japanese Firm Helping the FBI Crack iPhones Profiled

The iPhone 5c that was the topic of a legal dispute between Apple and the US government has been cracked by Israel-based mobile forensic company Cellebrite Mobile Syncronization Ltd, a subsidiary of Japanese Sun Corp, Bloomberg's sources confirm. In an unexpected turn of events, the FBI has dropped its case against Apple over the iPhone's encryption,...

Government Not Obliged to Disclose iPhone Crack Method

Apple's legal battle against the government ended abruptly yesterday when the FBI gained access to the iPhone 5c used by one of the San Bernardino shooters. As a result, neither Apple's assistance nor GovtOS are now required. At this point it is unknown whether the crack was done by Cellebrite, but earlier reports pointed to the...