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iPhoneinCanada.ca October iPhone 4 Accessory Giveaway!

It’s that time again! For those that may just be joining us, here is the run down about these giveaways. It is a segment that will: Last 24 hours Only happen a couple of times a month (maybe less or maybe more) Be extremely easy to win Be posted at random What’s up for grabs […]

iPhone 4 Bumpers Coming To An Apple Store Near You!

Reports this morning point to Apple Stores soon receiving iPhone 4 bumpers as soon as Friday October 1, 2010. Until now, iPhone 4 Bumpers were unavailable at Apple Stores due to the free iPhone 4 case program. The case program saw all of the black iPhone 4 Bumpers being used as a free case option […]

Review: Incipio iPhone 4 Feather Case

Being the owner of the iPhone 4 I’m left with a dilemma. Should I use a case? I have owned all 4  generations of the iPhone, and I have had about 4 or 5 cases for each phone. I would love to use my phone “naked” as I love the look of Apples flagship device, but […]

Silicase iPhone 4 Case By Logiix

Today I have the Silicase iPhone 4 case from Logiix which is a line of soft silicone cases to protect your iPhone 4. Silicase by Logiix The Silicase is a soft silicone case that covers the back and all sides of the iPhone 4. The case leaves cut-outs for the dock connector, speaker/microphone, silent switch, […]

GelGuard iPhone 4 Case By Logiix

Apple posted some nice cases available for free in their iPhone 4 Case Program, but as the iPhone 4 continues to push forward, more and more accessory makers are revealing their offers. GelGuard by Logiix Today I have the GelGuard iPhone 4 case from Logiix which is a line of hard silicone cases to protect […]

Griffin Reveal Etch Graphite Case For iPhone 4

For those looking for an iPhone 4 case with a unique stylish back, check out the Reveal Etch Graphite case from Griffin. Reveal Etch Graphite by Griffin The Reveal Etch case provides users with a hard exterior shell, a rubberized sides/corners casing, and a unique etched texture along the back of the case. The iPhone […]

Griffin Outfit Ice Case For iPhone 4

With the launch of the iPhone 4, Griffin has introduced a new line of iPhone 4 cases. The Outfit Ice line of cases provide stylish and hard-shell protection for the iPhone 4. Outfit Ice by Griffin The Outfit Ice provides users with a hard exterior shell and a soft-touch casing. The case easily snaps onto […]

Apple Announces iPhone 4 “Bumper” Case

Alongside the iPhone 4 announcement this morning, Apple also featured new cases for the iPhone 4 called “Bumpers”. The Bumpers look like a thick silicone case that wrap around the perimeter of the iPhone 4, protecting all the sides and corners. The case does however leave the front display and back part of the iPhone […]