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Contrary to Reports, The iPhone 5 Is Not ‘The Most Hated Phone’

A week ago, British website We Are Social's senior analyst Ed Kitchingman wrote "Apple's iPhone 5 is the most hated handset -- while the majority of people love the Samsung Galaxy S4, study finds", which was echoed by a bunch of popular blogs (mostly by those who would write just about anything to get the clicks). Following up...

iPhone 5 Repair Costs High As Apple Keeps A Tight Control Over Components

According to a Marketwatch (via MacRumors), the repair costs for iPhone 5 remain considerably high, eight months after the device's original launch in the U.S. because Apple is keeping a very tight control on iPhone 5 components in the market. With replacement components for iPhone 5 being so much more expensive than similar parts for previous models, many independent...

Here is the iPhone 5 on the Videotron AWS Network [PICS]

Back in March T-Mobile announced it would be selling an AWS-compatible iPhone 5 (to support AWS 1700/2100 MHz bands) and shortly afterwards Quebecor's Videotron stated this new iPhone would be compatible on its HSPA+ AWS network and could allow the company to offer the device. When the T-Mobile iPhone 5 went on sale some eager...

Camera Shootout: iPhone 5 vs HTC One [PHOTOS]

The folks over at iMore have put our beloved iPhone 5 up against one of the best Android smartphones in the market, the HTC One, in a camera shootout. Though the iPhone 5 performed much better in terms of handling color depth, tone and saturation, the HTC One outperformed it in capturing low light images. (Left: iPhone...

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.4 for the iPhone 5

Apple has released iOS 6.1.4 for the iPhone 5 which notes an "Updated audio profile for speakerphone." The firmware version is 10B350 and no other details of the update are included. You can find the update by going to Settings-->General-->Software Update. Do not update if your phone is jailbroken as you will lose your jailbreak....

Who Wins this Drop Test? iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 [VIDEO]

It’s that time again to watch yet another drop test from the folks over at Android Authority. This time they have put the iPhone 5 up against the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 in their infamous drop test, done by the energetic Darcy LaCouvee in Hong Kong. Who wins this unscientific drop test? Find out below: […]

AIB’s New ‘Bridge Sunrise’ TV Ad Was Shot Using An iPhone 5 [VIDEO]

Allied Irish Bank has shot its new 30-second television commercial only using an iPhone 5 (via Business Insider). Though you won’t find any awe-inspiring special effects, the Rothco-created ad spreads the message for a fraction of a normal marketing budget as it shows the passing landscape seen out of a train window. Smartphones have surely begun playing an essential role […]

Amazing Concept Shows Off 10,000 iPhone 5 Domino [VIDEO]

Back in August of 2011 Aatma Studio released a viral concept video that showcased an iPhone 5 with a laser keyboard and holographic display. The designers are now back in the mix as they have released a crazy 10,000 iPhone 5 domino concept to show off the power of NFC, should it come to the […]