Apple’s Mail App Has ‘No Built-In Defenses’ for Email Tracking: Gruber

A recent post by John Gruber, Apple enthusiast and product commentator, on his blog Daring Fireball discusses Apple Mail's blatant lack of protection and countermeasures against email tracking via hidden images, which he calls "spy pixels" or "spy trackers". Usually, spy pixels are 1 x 1 pixel invisible GIFs that many newsletter and email marketing services embed in...

Airmail iOS Update Introduces Several New Features, Workflow Integration

Popular cross-platform email client and alternative to Apple’s native Mail application, Airmail, received an update to its iOS version today, bringing a few notable extra features to the app. This mail client offers features similar to Dropbox’s discontinued Mailbox app with the ability to sort out messages for a later date, and Airmail version 1.5 introduces all-new customization […]

Yahoo Mail Gets Smarter, More Powerful Search Features in Canada

Today, Yahoo announced new powerful search features in Yahoo Mail for Canadian users. The company says the new features will take you to exactly what you are looking for, faster. The first new feature is a newly designed search results page for better navigation. The new results pages lets you view the message, photos, and...