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Canadian LTE Coverage Recap [Updated]

With Apple widely expected to announce an new iPhone tomorrow, most people are expecting support for LTE data networks as well announcing the iPhone 5 with LTE, it seems like a good time to summarize what sort of LTE coverage Canadians can expect from the major cellular network providers at this point in time. Bell Bell […]
Could this be the new iPhone 5 dock connector?

iPhone 5 Rumour Roundup: What to Expect on Wednesday

The iPhone event is knocking on our doorstep as Wednesday at 10:00 AM Tim Cook will take the stage at the Yerba Buena Center. With the amount of leaks and rumours throughout the past few months, we have constructed an iPhone 5 rumour roundup. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and read on for the details. […]

Alleged iPhone 5 Mini Dock Connector Sync Cable Vs. Micro USB [PHOTOS]

Folks over at have been pretty consistent in obtaining leaked parts of purported next generation iPhone and once again, they have published new photos comparing the alleged mini dock connector sync cable for iPhone 5 with a micro USB. Looking at the photos, the two connectors appear almost exactly the same in size. For those who […]

iPhone 5 Bumper & Variety Of Cases Go On Sale In China [VIDEO]

Folks over at MicGadget have got their hands on a variety of purported iPhone 5 cases being sold in China, including an iPhone 5 bumper that apparently fits the iPhone 5 mockup pretty well. The source has also pushed out the following hands-on video: According to the source, these cases are selling for as low as $2, […]

New iPhone Leaks Out Of Foxconn, Video Shows First Boot up

With the iPhone event approaching exactly a week from today, we are expecting numerous last minute leaks. Unlike past leaks we have shown you the video we will show you today just isn’t of a dummy device, the iPhone actually turns on. According to M.I.C. Gadget, this is how the device was discovered: A tipster […]

Production Of Display Panels Halted At Sharp, May Delay iPhone 5 Shipments

Sharp Corp. Japan, who is one of Apple’s leading suppliers of liquid-crystal-display panels for the iPhone 5, is facing difficulties manufacturing next generation iPhone screens and hasn’t yet started its mass production, according to a report by Wall Street Journal. As a result, the Cupertino company could face serious supply problems as it prepares to unveil the […]

Leaked High Resolution Images & Video Of iPhone 5 Front Assembly Hit The Web [Photos / Video]

Earlier today, images of purported next generation iPhone’s logic board were leaked on the web and now, a video accompanied by high quality images from a Chinese cell phone parts company SINOCET (via is showing purported front plate assembly for the iPhone 5, as noted by Apple Insider. The pictures also include a side-by-side comparison with a front panel taken […]