Tesla Makes its 1,000,000th Electric Car, a Red Model Y

Tesla 1 million

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared a major milestone by the company this evening—producing its 1,000,000th electric vehicle.

“Congratulations Tesla team on making our 1,000,000th car!!”, tweeted Musk, sharing pictures of the company’s staff surrounded by a red Model Y compact SUV, set to deliver to the first U.S. customers next week.

Tesla 1 million model y

Back in January, Tesla announced during its Q4 earnings it will be ready to make 500,000 units of combined Model 3 and Model Y units per year, by mid-2020. The company shipped 112,095 vehicles in Q4, while also announced its Model Y production timeline was ahead of schedule.

The first Model Y deliveries to the U.S. are set to start next week, while the first Canadian Model Y deliveries are set for “mid-2020”.

Tesla took 16 years to make its one-millionth vehicle and based on its Q4 projections, it should take just another two years to make its second millionth.