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Tesla Model Y Acceleration Boost Now Available in Canada for $2,700

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Previously available only for the Model 3, Tesla has just announced its Acceleration Boost is now also available for Model Y users in Canada as a CAD $2,700 purchase, Tesla North is reporting.

Tesla’s Acceleration Boost offers an improved 0-60 mph time, from 4.8 seconds down to 4.3 seconds, which is about 10% quicker than the vehicle’s initial performance. For Canadians, the Acceleration Boost means a 0-100 km/h time improvement to 4.5 seconds, down a half-second from 5.0 seconds.


The Acceleration Boost upgrade for Model Y Long Range All Wheel Drive requires the Tesla 2020.36 software update, as stated on the company’s website. For those Model Y owners who are running on older software, the upgrade option will not be available.

“How to purchase the Acceleration Boost for Model Y? It’s available in the Tesla mobile app and online. For iPhone users, all you have to do is check out with Apple Pay and your Tesla Model Y will instantly be slightly faster–a 10% boost.”

Tesla also notes on its website that the upgrade is not eligible for a refund after 48 hours of purchase.

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