Tesla Model Y Spotted in Downtown Toronto [VIDEO]

Tesla model y toronto

Looks like Tesla’s latest Model Y has made its way to Canada, as an eagle-eyed Tesla owner spotted one on the streets of downtown Toronto in Ontario.

Earlier this morning, Reddit user ‘kushari’ shared a video of a Model Y tester, driving in downtown Toronto, on January 29, 2020.

“Was surprised to see a Model Y while walking, it didn’t have a front license plate so I knew it wasn’t from Ontario, and knew it would have the Tesla Manufacturer plate from California. This would aid the rumors that deliveries are starting soon!”, wrote the user.

Check out the video below:

Earlier this month, some Canadians claimed Tesla was readying Model Y deliveries for Canada, as reportedly the Oakville Tesla location was reaching out to customers about upcoming deliveries for next month.

Tesla will be reporting its fourth quarter earnings today and there may be an update on Model Y release dates. Stay tuned.