Tesla Model Y Deliveries Arrive at Toronto-Oakville Store in Ontario

Tesla delivered its first Model Y in Canada last week in Vancouver, and now the same could be happening soon in Ontario.

According to Tesla North, a reader of the site spotted a trio of Blue Metallic Model Ys at the Toronto-Oakville Tesla store in Ontario on Wednesday morning. The electric vehicles look to be AWD variants with 20-inch Induction wheels. They still had wraps on the steering wheels and stickers on seats, suggesting they had just arrived.

The images were taken by Anthony (@TeslaMilton) earlier today after visiting the Toronto-Oakville Tesla store. The cars were parked outside along the side of the building:

Tesla model y blue oakville


Numerous Model Y reservations in Ontario have received VINs, signalling deliveries of their new Tesla compact SUVs are coming soon. Tesla has also sent text messages to customers recently indicating deliveries could happen in “1-2 weeks”.

Keep your eyes peeled for these Model Ys in the Greater Toronto Area; it appears blue is again the early colour coming first in Canada for the new vehicle.