Tesla to Release Full Self-Driving Subscriptions Early Next Year

In a tweet sent out by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, it has been confirmed that the company will be releasing Full Self-Driving subscriptions in early 2021, Tesla North is reporting. Currently, Full Self-Driving is only available an Autopilot add-on that costs US $10,000.

Tesla FSD

Previously, Musk had said that FSD monthly subscriptions would be coming “sometime next year”, but now we have a more specific timeline for 2021. 

In response to a user asking about Tesla’s annual FSD subscriptions for leasing customers, Musk said, “Absolutely. We will release FSD subscription early next year.”

“For those leasing a Tesla, it does not make sense to pay for the upgrade on a vehicle one will not be keeping. Monthly FSD subscriptions would also benefit those seeking the add-on for road trips and such, instead of paying the full amount upfront.”

Here’s what Musk tweeted:

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