Tesla Supercharger Opens in Mississauga, Ontario

Mississauga, Ontario, is now home to a brand new Tesla Supercharger with 16 stalls.

A new 16-stall Supercharger station went live yesterday afternoon, located at Winston Churchill and Argentia, in front of the CIBC in the SmartCentre Plaza.

Mississauga tesla supercharger

A picture of the new Tesla Supercharger station can be seen below (via PlugShare):

Mississauga ontario supercharger

Tesla recently increased the price of charging at its Superchargers, but after some backlash, eased on pricing in select areas.

Tesla’s website indicated two Supercharger stations were “coming soon” to Mississauga, with one located at Meadowvale and another unnamed location. Looks like we now know the exact location of the Supercharger in Meadowvale.