Tesla Superchargers Open in North Bay, Baldwin, Blind River, Sault Ste Marie

Sault ste marie tesla supercharger

Tesla continues to launch new Superchargers along the Trans-Canada Highway, as four new locations in Ontario are showing up as available in the company’s maps and app.

The new Tesla V3 Superchargers in Ontario are:

  • North Bay (8 stalls) – 890 McKeown Ave
  • Baldwin Township (Espanola) – 329 Highway 17
  • Blind River – 190 Trans-Canada Highway
  • Sault Ste Marie – 673 Second Line E

While the Tesla website lists Espanola as the site of an upcoming Supercharger, the company’s maps and apps are showing the location as Baldwin.

All of the Superchargers listed above have 6 stalls except for North Bay and offer charge rates up to 250 kW, or 1600km per hour. Discussion threads over at TMC are showing these locations as available and open.

As of writing, Tesla’s website has not updated these Superchargers as online, but still “coming soon”, however that should change shortly.