Apple Watch Series 5 Has 1GB RAM, Same CPU and Battery as Series 4

Apple is set to launch Apple Watch Series 5 on September 20, the newest generation of its smartwatch.

Earlier today, press reviews were published by outlets picked by Apple, with reviews gushing over the new always-on Retina display.

This year’s Apple Watch Series 5 remains an evolution of the wearable, as there are not a lot of major differences compared to Apple Watch Series 4.

According to developer Steve Troughton-Smith, Apple’s Xcode software for developers has revealed some more information about Apple Watch Series 5, such as having 1GB of RAM, while also using the same CPU/GPU as last year’s Series 4.

You would think Apple would throw in a processor bump, but this year’s Series 5 retains last year’s CPU. Aside from a new built-in compass, the always-on Retina display, 32GB of storage, titanium and ceramic cases, no other major changes are new this year under the hood. The S5 chip advertised on Apple’s website for Series 5 is the exact same as the S4 chip found in the Series 4.

This Series 5 update appears to be targeting users with a Series 2 or older? The Series 3 saw a price drop and now starts at $259 in Canada.

Apple launched the ECG app in Canada earlier this summer for Series 4 owners, with the feature also available on Series 5. There is absolutely no need to upgrade your Apple Watch every single year, unless you have money to burn.

Apple Watch Series 5 starts at $529 in Canada on