When Can We Expect the Skype 3G iPhone App Release Date?


Skype on the iPhone is a joy to use. The current app is limited to usage over WiFi networks only, with usage over 3G requiring a jailbroken iPhone. Skype last updated us on February 3rd that a 3G version was imminent–yet it’s now the end of March and we haven’t heard anything from the Skype team. What gives?

There was a claim by a forum member that a Verizon/Skype deal was delaying the release of the 3G version of Skype. However, Peter Parkes from Skype responded directly to these allegations here:

Hey there – keen to find out who you actually are 🙂 I spoke to rather a lot of people over the course of the weekend, as you can imagine.

There’s no way I would have said that we’re backing away from iPhone, let alone not releasing a 3G-capable version, quite simply because it’s not true.

We’re absolutely committed to the iPhone platform: I cannot emphasise this enough. We’ll be releasing the 3G-capable version of our app very soon indeed.

Twitter user @dakotaallen sent the following tweet to the Skype Mobile team:

@skypemobile Is Skype for iPhone over 3G coming? Or has Verizon paid to ensure that doesn’t happen?

and got the following reply:

@dakotadallen it’s coming soon – watch this space

So there you have it. It seems nothing has changed since the February 3rd update from Skype. Once the 3G version of Skype is released, 3G calling will no longer require a jailbreak.

Would you give up your jailbreak for a 3G version of Skype? The $3/month unlimited calls to Canada/USA plan is worth every penny.



  • JMCD23

    I'm glad it's coming, but I like having my jailbreak anyways now. Good for lots of people 🙂

  • icemanyvr

    I'll take it, but until Apple releases an SBSettings, and ProSwitcher type of apps to their OS, I will still JB.

  • johnkneematrix

    Can't we just keep the current version of Skype and VoIPover3G app and still enjoy the 3.00 unlimited CDN/USA calling while still maintaining our jailbreak iPhone when (indeed) Skype 3G version is available?

  • JMCD23

    I haven't updated my skype to the latest version yet, not sure about the compatibility of it still working after. There is of course, no need to upgrade when a new version is released. Personally I will for a few features, hopefully bluetooth is added!

  • roadcarver

    Yep, +1 on SBSettings.

  • djepsilon

    As a non-jailbreaker (it's a personal choice), I can't wait for Skype to be available on 3G. Let's hope when they say “soon”, they mean weeks not months.

    On a side note, has anyone heard of an update with regards to a Shaw Cable app? It was announced that it was in the works…what… like 3-4 months ago?

  • DaSandman

    I think VoipOver3G is about the only thing I jailbreak for – if/when Skype supports 3G natively I think I might consider a factory reset!

  • Yeah, I use SBSettings a lot. You don't realize how frickn handy it is until you play with a stock iPhone.

  • Yup. It's just that for those new iPhone users who are on the fence about jailbreaking for the sole purpose of using 3G Unrestrictor/VoIPover3G, the release of this app would be a huge time saver and sigh of relief.

  • I've updated to the latest version and it still works great with 3G Unrestrictor. Bluetooth support would be awesome! Another fix needed is to stop calls getting put on hold from incoming messages/badges.

  • It was “leaked” then rescinded…who knows when it's coming. Bell has a PVR app, if Shaw gets one…I'd be one happy camper I tell ya!

  • JMCD23

    Yeah I just remember reading one guy had an issue after he updated. As for calls getting put on hold, does running backgrounding help? I haven't tried it yet.

  • johncpiercy

    Im same DaSandman ,, when Skype releases 3G app .. I'll prolly go legit .. 3G Unrestrictor is about the only thing I * really * need J/B for

  • johncpiercy

    Im same DaSandman ,, when Skype releases 3G app .. I'll prolly go legit .. 3G Unrestrictor is about the only thing I * really * need J/B for