Skype Confirms 3G iPhone App Coming Soon!

Remember when Apple allowed their iPhone SDK to have VoIP apps to be used over the 3G network? We saw the announcement of a Fring 3G iPhone app, but the only 3G VoIP app we were all waiting for was Skype.

Why is a 3G version of Skype so important? Skype over 3G will allow you to use a monthly Skype subscription (for $3/month unlimited calls to Canada/USA) and SkypeOut credit (without the need to jailbreak your iPhone!). That means you will no longer need to pay expensive long distance charges on Rogers ($0.35 minute vs Skype’s $0.02/minute!!). You do want to save some money, right? 🙂

Skype Confirms: 3G Version Coming Soon with “CD Quality” Sound

Today the Skype team confirmed with the LA Times that a 3G version of their popular VoIP iPhone app is coming soon. They are currently working on this app soon as confirmed by the leader of Skype’s iPhone team, David Ponsford.

He mentions in the following video that ‘CD quality sound’ will be available for Skype to Skype calls, and a red/yellow/green indicator (the current version has an existing feature) to show call quality in real time.