Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones Now Come in Your Favourite Apple Colours


Apple Watch pre-orders and unbelievably scarce 12-inch MacBooks aren’t the only things that Apple launched today.

The company has just refreshed its Beats Solo2 Wireless line with three new, very Apple-y colours. Can you guess which ones? Yep, gorgeous gold, classic silver, and sleek space grey have joined the black, white, red, and blue versions that launched last Fall.

These new colours, of course, will go very well with Apple’s newest product lines, as they’re the same three shades as the Retina MacBook that you’re currently waiting 3-4 weeks for (or, you know, the iPad, iPad Mini, or iPhone that you already have), and their Bluetooth functionality will pair well with your no-cords-allowed Apple Watch, though I definitely would not want to run while wearing these behemoths.


The Solo2 line features a 30′ Bluetooth connectivity range, a 12-hour rechargeable battery with an illuminated LED ‘fuel gauge’, a built-in mic with controls, and “a dynamic and wide range of sound with a natural clarity.” You can also use these headphones plugged in, so even if you run out of juice, your music doesn’t have to stop.

All three colours are currently available from Apple for $329.99. They’re also all shipping within one business day, so you could have some new Beats in your hand long before you get that new watch on your wrist.

Will you be picking up a set? What headphones do you plan to use with your Apple Watch?


  • Nilay

    I am also looking for the new bluetooth headphones. I dont like the big and bulky ones. Today I have ordered the Jaybird Bluebuds X. Keeping my fingers crossed as dont know, is it good enough or not.

  • Zeke

    They look awesome. I think I’d get space grey. I’m definitely trying these at the Apple Store.

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    I hear the Bluebuds are excellent!

  • Those are dead sexy. If they sound good I might consider them.

  • Carlos

    Actually, the music does have to stop if they run out of juice, even when plugged in. The headphones will no longer function, even when plugged into a device via cable, when there is no more power. This is a major design flaw which is part of the reason why I returned them.

    Also, they cut out in Toronto winter weather the moment you step outside. What’s the use of $400 Bluetooth headphones if they can’t function 3 months of the year? I would not recommend them at all.

  • CanucksGoals

    Your $200 wire plug in headphones will blow a $400 Bluetooth headphones out of the water on sound quality in most cases. But it is very convenience to not have wire hanging around and definitely looks cool.

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Really? The Apple Store page says “Plus, if you run out of power, plug in for unlimited wired listening.”

    Also, I hadn’t thought about the extreme cold! Does that happen to all Bluetooth headphones? Or is it particularly bad with these ones?

  • Carlos

    I just bought them a couple of months back so unless they’ve changed the technology that quickly (which is possible) then they do not run without power. Not sure about other Bluetooth headphones, as this was my first pair, but talk about total letdown.

  • Carlos

    My bad. These are the Solo2 wireless not what I had – the more expensive Studio wireless – so I guess these function without a charge. But I would imagine that they would cut out in the cold just as easily as the more expensive ones.

  • Ronin

    These are overpriced crappy beats. Pretty much any known $100-200 headphone will blow it away.