1Password WWDC Sale: 50% Off iOS, Mac and Windows Apps


Toronto-based AgileBits has decided to hold yet another 50% off sale as they note they’ve caught “WWDC fever” while working on the upcoming version of 1Password 4 for Mac. The last time we saw a half-off deal was during this year’s MacWorld/iWorld.

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If you are looking for a secure password manager (and pretty much vault for anything), you need 1Password. It’s by far my most utilized app of all time and has made my daily life easier. No more remembering website logins, quick access to form fills and credit card details, with my info synced to the cloud. This is the first app I always recommend to friends and family, it’s that great.

1Password for iPhone is now priced at $8.99 (normally $17.99) and 1Password for Mac is now available for $24.99 (normally $49.99). Get these before the sale ends!


  • doug

    make a new contact in your phone / computer and store all your passwords and stuff in it. Make multiple. Save some cash.

  • That sounds easy enough, but it’s not secure. And if your computer or phone crashes you’re hooped.

    1Password can save to cloud services like Dropbox and changes are made in real-time, synced across all devices.

  • Cyrus Wu

    I finally went for this app after years of waiting.

  • You won’t regret it. Probably the best purchase you’ve ever made.

  • Good deal. I hesitated buying 1Password for a while, but after I finally bought it I wished I had bought it much sooner. I’ve had it for over a year now and I absolutely love it. It integrates so well, and it’s a pretty app to boot.

  • One of my favourite features of 1Password is being able to generate random passwords, and have different passwords for each website. The browser integration is incredibly timesaving. Having to copy/paste from a contact for each one would be a huge pain on the Mac. Granted, the iPhone app requires copy/pasting between apps, but that’s an iOS limitation, and not 1Password’s fault.

  • 1password is best

  • Curious

    I work freelance on contracts that are usually 6-8 months at a time. I do these contracts at the client’s office on one of their Macs. Can I install 1Password temporarily on these Macs when I am there and then delete it when I leave to install at the next place I work? Also, I would want it permanently on my home Mac. That would make 2 simultaneous installations but the second one changes periodically.

  • I believe the licenses are for you to make use of within their terms, but of course what you do privately is on your own terms. Theoretically installing it at your temporary offices should be okay if you’re the one using it.

  • Jasper

    I don’t think there would be any problem with that. Just sync your data with Dropbox. 1Password Anywhere might help too for temporary stuff:

  • Cyrus Wu

    i feel the same. i was on lastpassword before. Glad its finally gone!

  • yamadori

    I’m still ticked with these guys since I purchased the original version and now I have to buy it all over again at a higher price.