Apple Store App Updated with EasyPay Support for Canada


Apple has updated the Apple Store app to bring EasyPay support to Canada. Essentially this feature allows users to walk into an Apple retail store, scan an accessory barcode, purchase it, and walk right out of the store:

What’s New in Version 2.4
– Ask Siri to help you find prices and shop for Apple products (Siri-enabled device required).
– Purchase accessories in store quickly with the new EasyPay feature, now available in Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Just scan the barcode and complete your transaction straight from the app. Works with iPhone 4 or later and iPod touch (5th generation).
– Support for additional payment options in China.

Apple store easypay2 Apple store easypay

The Apple Store iOS app added support for Canada back in November of 2011. That update at the time brought EasyPay for the USA, but not us. 

Speaking of the US, their Apple Store update today includes Passbook support for gift cards. Looks like we can look forward to these features coming to Canada in… a year or two?!

Click here to download the Apple Store app–it’s free. Let us know how your EasyPay experience works in Canada!


  • Chuck

    Won’t people just steal stuff and say they paid on their Apple Store App?

  • Yes. But if they get caught, they go to jail.

  • Johnnygoodface

    Got the update apple store and easyPay is there but still not functionnal

  • BugNo2

    Theft under $5,000 in Canada is no jail time. You have to get convicted like 38 times… You’d get a record thou and won’t be able to travel to countries like USA for example.

  • Erik Kappel

    Hey so, I was wondering if this would take from the credit you have already on your account (i.e. from iTunes gift cards) or does it go straight to billing your credit card? Anyone know?

  • wuju

    The Apple store at Eaton is close for renovation till Nov. 16. Are the stores at Newmarket or Yordale close for renovation too?

  • gerry

    I made a purchase today with the easy pay feature. Pretty dandy.

  • gerry

    It bills straight directly to your credit card associated with your iTunes account. I made a purchase today with it.

  • Nice. Did anyone ask for a receipt or proof of purchase when you left?