BlackBerry Details New BBM for iOS Update with iPod touch, iPad Support [u]


BlackBerry has just officially announced BBM for iOS will be updated for iPod touch and iPad, confirming an earlier report the update was coming. Below are the new features, which also includes more options to share your BBM PIN with friends (a slow and painful way of adding people nowadays):

  • Support for iPod and iPad devices running iOS6 and iOS7
  • Improvements to right-to-left language support
  • More options for sharing your BBM PIN Barcode
  • Find your friends on other social networks who are also using BBM
  • Fixes an issue where some users would be missing BBM contact names


BBM for iOS and Android topped 10 million downloads in 24 hours after its release, but from our experience things have gone quiet on the BBM front in our own testing.

The update hasn’t exactly hit the App Store yet as we write this, but expect it to happen soon. The link below to download the app should be updated so keep trying.

Click here to download BBM for iOS—it’s free.

Update: and the new update is now live.


  • bbrysucks

    Here’s a big fat ole WHOOPIE.

  • CordovaBay

    I installed the app on an iPad because it was sitting beside when I decided to install it. It didn’t jump up and down and create any sort of interaction to introduce me to its facilities. The UI was alien to me as an iOS user. It appeared rather dated.

    But, a few hours later I started the app up on my iPhone (it installed on 3 iPhones and 3 iPads automatically as you’d expect) but was told I could “migrate” my account from another device or create a new one. What is that all about? Nothing these days is limited to a single device. Tell me I have made a mistake somewhere and the app can be run from multiple devices or is it time (unused) to remove it from them all??

  • I don’t know how to say this but: you’ve been BlackBerry’d.

  • Marwan

    With the long time takes by whatsapp and Viber to update their interface for IOS7 ( Viber did unbelievable job with their update, they only update the icon and add sticker market wish it so much wow to ignore the most important thing to change the interface 🙂 )