BBM for iOS/Android Surpasses 5M Downloads, Tops the App Store Charts


Earlier today BBM for iOS finally launched and as expected, the free app has vaulted to the top free app spot in Canada, the USA and the UK.

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Most likely, people have downloaded the app out of curiosity. When we asked users to add our PIN to test the app, every single one of them told us they had nobody else to test the app with, especially BlackBerry users, since they are now a dime a dozen.

BlackBerry’s official Twitter account earlier sent an update tonight, saying to “next 5 million in line–your turn,” which suggests cumulative downloads for iOS and Android have already surpassed 5 million:

Earlier today BlackBerry explained the rollout would be prioritized for the close to 6 million people who previously signed up for email notifications and told us after that, hundreds of thousands would be activated over the coming hours.

How to bypass waiting in line for BBM for iOS/Android if you previously registered? Here’s how to do it according to CNET (this has worked for others but could have been closed as of writing):

The company’s wait list can actually be bypassed after downloading the app on either your Android or iOS device. Open the app, enter your e-mail address, click Next, and then force-close it.

This can be done on iOS by double-clicking the home button and swiping the app away. On Android, enter the multitasking menu and swipe the app away, or go to Settings, Apps, BBM, and click Force Close. After relaunching the app you should have the power to create an account, which will assign you a unique PIN, and to begin inviting friends.

Click here to download BBM for iOS–it’s free. Are you still using BBM for iOS after downloading it?


  • mrideas

    I was curious as I have a few friends who just never stop about how great BBM is. So I was all excited to try it. Yikes talk about weird and not intuitive. I think I’m not that dumb but I just assumed it would pick up from contacts those that had a BBM pin through my contacts with an email. After all I had to register with an email for a BBM profile. Wow. Nope I had to actually ask people for thier pin. It was then that I truly appreciated the ease of iMessage. No pin getting in the way. My app crashed once or twice. I’d give it a 5 out of 10 unless I’m missing something…

  • Salvador

    I already have 5 email, 2 twitter and 1 Facebook accounts configured on my iPhone, but BBM asked me to login again on all those account though a webview inside the App to be able to share my BBM Pin… what were thinking the people designing that app ? Even worse, the first time it showed my new Pin, it was not posible to do “copy” to share it manually. My contact list is empty, so I need to share my PIN with my friends, but Blackberry made it too complicated. So many steps to be able to share my PIN to use the App.

    I would like to know how many people from those 5MM had really used the app to send at least a single message.

    I’m sorry for Blackberry, this was their change to get me on-board and they failed. I think I will continue to use iMessage and Whataspp

  • Lee

    Too little, too late.

  • Acer12345

    I think 5 million downloads disagrees with you…

  • Those 5 million users are just curious about BBM and what the app will bring. People love trying new apps like this. Just look at Opera for iOS. It was also the top free app after a day or so, but where is it now?

  • The PIN and asking people for a PIN is such a pain in the butt. Sure, it’s a way to not have to share your number or email, but heck, attach a throwaway email to iMessage and just hand that out.

  • I haven’t had the app crash. Just the app design feels dated and unintuitive. Just need more folks actually on BBM to chat with, instead of iPhone users using BBM, lol

  • Acer12345

    Opera competed against its much better opponents…and failed.

    Everyone knows BBM is/was the king of messaging, and I think it’s kind of prejudice to write them off after 1 day.

    It’s become too much of a fad to hate BlackBerry these days.

  • I understand it’s early, but the numbers don’t lie. BlackBerry sales are falling and the company is not doing very well ($900M write off in BB10 units). People have moved away to iPhone/Android. The company is not ‘dead’ yet, but it’s not exactly innovating either. If BB really mattered people would buy more.

  • rmdc

    I am waiting for more then 15 hours for receiving that email to start using the BBM, and still NOTHIIINNGG!! Im tired of waiting, thinkinh on deleting that crap!

  • Kris Hehl

    it is the easiest app ever… you can suggest your whole contact list to download it. It has suggested pins within the app.

  • Kris Hehl

    10 millions downloads in 24 hours sets a record of any app even Facebook. Blackberry didn’t even announce the release of the app, it just kind of happened and still went viral. Think about it..

  • Kris Hehl

    millions of people ahead of you don’t you worry 😉