BlackBerry Teases New Features Coming to BBM for iOS in 2014 [VIDEO]



The launch of BBM for the iPhone and Android was surrounded by great interest, but as you may have already experienced when using the app, there are only a couple features available, which may have triggered some to already dump the app in the “I’ll use it when I feel like I need it” folder.

Now, BlackBerry is back with some fresh news about forthcoming BBM features for iOS and Android. In a recently published blog post peppered with a video, BBM teases users with a voice calling feature, which allows users to call another BBM user anywhere in the world when connected to Wi-Fi (crossing fingers for 4G).

The next on the list is BBM Channels, which will also appear in the iOS app, but that’s not all: BlackBerry promises 100 new emoticons as well.


Faster and easier sharing also sounds promising because it allows you to protect your privacy when sharing your photos, voice notes, locations, and more for a limited time.

As Sean Hungerford, the head of Product Management for BBM, notes, these features are currently in the beta testing phase and will be available in the next couple months.


  • FragilityG4

    2014? When’s the real release? In BB terms it means 2015 … Maybe.

  • beavisaur

    Although I have nothing against Blackberry. Every time they embarrass themselves like this it just makes me want to hate them. What a cheesy video. Just from the intro with buddy walking, you can tell they are trying way too hard.

  • Dr. AL

    coming soon, means they want to release it shortly but blackberry delays mean 2015 or 2016 assuming they don’t change their minds or CEO’s

  • Bbrysucks

    Another failure before it’s even left the ground.

  • Kirk

    I welcome these changes to BBM. It will be interesting to see how the calling clarity is.