Canada Post for iOS Launches Push Notifications for Tracking


Canada Post for iOS has been updated to bring push notifications for package tracking. This means when your existing tracked packages have status updates, you’ll get a push alert, instead of having to manually check for updates.

What’s New in Version 6.2
Now introducing push notifications for tracking your package!

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Last month, Canada Post launched support for Apple Watch and also introduced barcode pickup codes within the app. At the time, the corporation teased push notifications would be coming soon, and they have finally arrived.

One of the best package tracking apps is Deliveries for iOS, which allows you to track packages from multiple delivery services (a must-have for Amazon Prime addicts).

Click here to download Canada Post for iOS in the App Store.

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  • Joshua

    There is a serious flaw in Canada Post’s tracking notification however. When an item is updated as delivered… It does not mean it is actually delivered. It is merely a suggestion.

    “In some cases an item might arrive up to 24 hours after a delivery scan. If it has been more than 24 hours the sender should open a ticket:”

    So, what difference is Push Notification going to make when my phone tells me my purchase/parcel is delivered and yet I am home with a trace of it? Great job Canada Post.

  • Joshua

    *without a trace

  • kkritsilas

    As Joshua stated below, without accurate tracking/delivery information, putting notifications in is not going to to get you much.

    I don’t have a problem with deliveries, I have a problem with the entire tracking process. I have had multiple packages show picked up at X, on say June 1, 2016 at XX:YY PM. Then, I get nothing until a week to 10 days later when it says Out for Delivery, followed shortly thereafter by Successful delivery at XX:YY AM or PM. What happened in the intervening week? Did it sit in a warehouse and then sent by transporter beam across the country? Was it never loaded onto a truck/plane/train? With the lack of data in the system, notifications become pretty useless. There is already an oprion on the website to get email notification of delivery, so how much more of a benefit this is very doubtful.

  • Quattro

    Speaking of the “Deliveries” app… When I was trying it out, I found that it does not always have an up-to-date status. The UPS website tracking was more up-to-date about a third of the time. And during those times, the Deliveries app was a day or two behind with updates, even though the courier site was up-to-date.

    But that was a few months ago, so maybe they’ve worked out the random bugs since then.