Canada Post for iOS Launches Apple Watch App, Debuts Pickup Barcode

Canada Post for iOS has launched support for Apple Watch, while also introducing a pickup barcode within the app.

The Apple Watch app allows you to track packages, find a nearby post office (includes address and opening hours) and check the latest stamp prices from your wrist.

Canada post apple watch

As for the pickup barcode, it allows you to generate a code on the phone to show at your pickup location, once your item is ready to be picked up. All you have to do is scan your iPhone at your Canada Post retailer to get your parcel, eliminating the need for a paper delivery notice card (awesome idea).

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Canada Post says coming soon in a future update will be native push notifications to track packages, which should be a very welcomed addition. If you’re still looking for a package tracking app, the only one you need is Deliveries, as it’s our favourite.

Click here to download Canada Post for iOS in the App Store.