CBC TV Premium Memberships Launch: $4.99/mo Ad-Free Experience for iOS, Apple TV


The CBC has launched their new premium membership service today for CBC TV viewers, which offers an ad-free experience for $4.99 per month. News of the upcoming service was leaked last night after the public broadcaster sent out a memo to employees.

The CBC TV iOS app was updated this morning to now support the monthly subscription service, which also now requires users to sign up to access the app. CBC TV lets users watch live TV, watch full seasons of CBC content, plus pause and play from any device at anytime.

The CBC Premium Membership says you’ll get “ad-free on demand”, plus access to the CBC News Network live stream. There is a free 30-day trial period available right now, which will auto-renew through your iTunes account. If you have your account funded by 20% off iTunes cards (like those from Costco’s periodic sales), you’ll be saving on your subscription.

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Signing up requires a postal code and optional email and date of birth for marketing purposes:

IMG 0457

The CBC says right now Premium Memberships are only available for iOS and tvOS users (Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K), while in April 2018, the service will expand to the web at and Android devices, where at this time, all users will be required to create an account to watch past seasons of shows and live stream CBC TV.

Will you be signing up for a CBC Premium Membership? Let us know in the comments!


  • Surveillance

    CBC couldn’t pay me to watch their content, so I think that tells you whether I’ll
    Subscribe or not

  • Michael Durech

    So what your saying that I have to pay $5 a month for something I already pay for from my tax dollars?

  • Yes!

  • Lol

  • Dave

    Well said. Even CTV let’s us watch shows for free. Based on the previous CBC app that was garbage(it couldn’t remember where you were in the show), I wouldn’t expect a great app. Plus I already pay 13.99 for the 4K Netflix. Pretty soon, all these streaming services will cost more than the cable we got rid of.

  • jabohn

    Does CTV have an AppleTV app now?

  • Quattro

    You missed the part about no commercials, right? If the regular CBC had no commercials, your tax dollars contribution would be higher. Kind of makes sense, right. You know… logical… obvious… non-bitchy.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I do not even watch CBC and I get it for free Over-The-Air.