Real-Time Traffic Apps: CTV News Cottage Traffic, CTV Morning Live Traffic


If you haven’t tried them already, CTV offers two real-time traffic apps which aim to help commuters navigate during peak hours on the road. The CTV Morning Live Traffic app provides a traffic reporting system for Vancouver and its surrounding areas, while the CTV News Cottage Traffic app does the same for Simcoe County, Muskoka, Georgian Bay, Parry Sound and southern Ontario.

Both apps use anonymously collected data from its users to crowdsource real-time travel conditions. The apps have real-time audio alerts and you can save and record your favourite routes within the app. As users report traffic problems it enters the system to be spread to other users. The app doesn’t suggest alternative routes but it relays traffic on your regular routes.

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The apps use compression for data so it will consume roughly 5MB for every hour of use and also offers an ‘EcoMode’ where the made hides itself after a short period of time. When users report traffic, the following happens (within the CTV Morning Live app anyways):

What happens when I report traffic?

When you press the “Call to Report Traffic” button, or press SPACE on BlackBerry models, you will be connecting to our Traffic Reporting Centre where you can leave a voicemail about any traffic issues or problems with the app. When you call to report traffic, please be sure to leave the name and direction of the street, the nearest intersection and the reason for delay. Our staff reviews your voicemail and enters the issue into the system to let all other users knows about it. Detailed incident information is a big part of what makes the CTV Morning Live Traffic App so useful, so please call in frequently to report any issues.

Reviews for both apps in iTunes are fairly positive, which indicates the apps do work even though the idea of manually calling in an accident seems pretty old school. Since these apps cover specific areas for commutes it could be a rival to Waze for traffic conditions, although the latter does have more features and users.

Anyone using either of these apps? How are they working out for your commutes?

App Store download links: CTV Morning Live Traffic, CTV News Cottage Traffic


  • Shorty_dammit

    Bah, better off using Waze.

  • Juan Gonzalez

    Oh my god! Their process to share what you report is ridiculous! Haven’t they heard about a GPS to pinpoint the location where you are?

  • Z

    The voice audio is super anoying.

  • Mark Bridges

    Thanks Gary for covering these apps. I work for GreenOwl Mobile, developer of these apps for CTV.

    The apps are primarily focused on in-car use for commuting drivers and therefore deliver personalized traffic and incident information by audio reports. This is very different from other traffic apps like Waze, which rely primarily on looking at and touching the screen to get traffic information. Clearly this is dangerous and possibly illegal to do while driving down the road.

    We work hard to make the app deliver safe, useful and actionable traffic information, while not being too annoying. We gather and add incident information from all available sources (including police, government transportation departments and our media partners), not just users who report. We are constantly adjusting and adding new features and have many loyal of users who use and benefit from the app every day on their commute.



  • Shorty_dammit

    Waze requires ZERO user interaction to get you AUTOMATICALLY REROUTED around traffic. Get your facts straight. You set a destination, and drive. Waze will reroute you if it needs to in order to get you to your destination more quickly.

  • Rickyscv

    Tried to use it today going from Frasier Valley to Vancouver Airport and was very frustrated with the app. I was expecting it to show where I was via GPS but it doesn’t. I also couldn’t get it to show my route–it just kept showing Vancouver proper. Ending up just listening to a radio station for traffic updates.