Cycloramic Automatically Spins Your iPhone 5 to Take a 360 Degree Video [WATCH]


If you’re looking to make your iPhone 5 the talk of Christmas dinner, the app Cycloramic just might do that. The app utilizes the vibrator motor in the iPhone 5 (the same rotational motor with a counterweight from the iPhone 4) to spin your phone 360 degrees while recording video, allowing you to capture everyone in the room. Your iPhone must be placed upright on a smooth polished surface for the app to work properly.

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This is a brilliant idea. We tested out the app and it works as advertised. Your iPhone 5 has to be ‘naked’ for it to work. You have the options of recording 360/720/1080 degree videos. Check out the developer video below to see it in action:

Click here to download Cycloramic, it’s $0.99 in the App Store. Let us know if you’re going to try this out for Christmas!

[via DPR Connect]


  • Here is another cool live demo at the Apple store of Atlanta

  • kmlmzhr

    Knew the phone had to be naked. Went ahead and tried this with Bodyguardz side protectors on. Didn’t work. Now contemplating whether or not to take them off so that I could actually enjoy this app

  • You could peel them up partially at the bottom and stick them to the sides to test this.

  • Networx

    Does it shoot landscape mode video too? It’s not worth a damn to me if all it shoots is vertical videos. Those are just wrong. This is why.

  • johnnygoodface

    I don’t wanna rain on your parade, but all naked like that, if it falls it will fall flat on the glass (or on the back if you’re lucky)… I’m not willing to test my iPhone’s Gorilla glass resistance to such a fall… But I salute the ingenuity!

  • nosnoop

    Pity that it can only take video.
    It would have been great if it can take panorama stills instead.

  • Our next release will take panorama as well as other new features. This is just Version 1.00
    Thank you for the feedback

  • I like your video. I agree with you if you are shooting a video where you are not rotating, but since we are rotating 360 degrees, we are? actually capturing more using a vertical video. Also if it was horizontal and you were to use the app on a dinner table or counter top, you would not get people faces.

    Thank you for the feedback!

  • mike

    I downloaded on my iPhone 5, I tried all types of surfaces, it just will not rotate

  • crosseyed_mofo

    cool it works, no audio though or is it just me being stupid this morning?

  • wuju

    Awesome. Just purchased it too.