Epic Meal Team iOS Game Goes 50% Off to Celebrate ‘Shart Week’

The Discovery Channel is celebrating the 25th anniversary of ‘Shark Week’ this week (I like sharks with lasers). Also celebrating this milestone are those Canadian bacon lovers Epic Meal Time, as they kick off ‘Shart Week’ with a new candy-based video every day of this week.

Not only that, their recently released Epic Meal Time iOS game is now 50% off at just $0.99 (developed by Quebec’s Molecube) for the week. I’d download this if you’re a fan of the show, it’s a pretty good concept for a game.

Here’s day 1 of ‘Shart Week’ by Epic Meal Time, Indian Tex-Mex. Don’t watch this if you’re a vegetarian or if you have a weak stomach:

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  • Tony

    News typo 🙂

  • Where? Shart? 😉

  • Tony

    Oh wow never mind haha. Crazy guys over at Epic Meal Time.

  • I thought it was a typo on the channel then I clued in too 😉