Google Warns Gmail for iOS Users About Bug Causing Unintended Action


Google has issued a warning to Gmail for iOS users about the existence of a bug discovered in their emailing service. The bug may result in users accidentally deleting emails or reporting others as spam, the search giant warns.

Gmail bug

You may have been impacted by a recent issue in Gmail that inadvertently caused some actions (e.g. delete, report spam) taken while viewing a message to be applied to a different message. The issue occurred between January 15 and January 22 and is now fixed.

The Verge was first to report the issue. As you can see from the above warning, Google has since fixed the issue, but it strongly recommends that Gmail for iOS users check their Trash and Spam folders before February 14, 2014, and move items users did not intend to move to these folders to their correct place: the inbox.

Are you affected by this issue?


  • Chrome262

    Mail box app is just better in my option and does a great job with their new protocols for imap, so gmail works great. I was never a fan of the gmail app to begin with.

  • Mitch

    “Check their Trash and Spam folders before February 14, 2014,”
    What is this, back to the future? I know they meant January, but it is odd that Google missed a simple error like that……