Google Photos for iOS Adds Improved Date Scrubber, PhotoScan Search Support


Google Photos for iOS has been updated to add a new enhanced grid view, to make viewing photos better, while one of the biggest improvements is a better date scrubber, which now shows years, making it quicker and easier to jump to different years, as seen in our screenshot below:

IMG 2201

Also, with the recent introduction of PhotoScan for iOS, users can now search for the term ‘PhotoScan’, to find scans of images they’ve taken with the latter. Google also says the app gained performance improvements.

Last November, Google Photos for iOS gained pro editing tools, along with improved auto enhance, and improved automatic movie maker capabilities.

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  • tomm

    I wonder of anyone could make a suggestion how to fix this problem aI friend of mine is having: When Google Photos finishes backing up everything, it always starts backing up the videos again, usually 32 videos to go etc. I have tried everything I can think of but nothing has helped to stop this repeated backup so far. I even directed him to delete the app, downloaded it again and it backed up the iphone videos and was done but after a while it started backing the videos again.
    any ideas would be appreciated.

  • Jay

    Perhaps something weird with the google drive setup?
    I know that was causing me some problems for a while, where google photos was trying to take any and all media in my google drive.