iMessage App Store Live for iOS 10 Users; Super Mario Run Stickers Out!


On the eve of the public release of iOS 10, Apple has enabled the iMessage App Store for existing iOS 10 GM developer and public testers.

By tapping on the “+” to access the Store, you’ll now see a variety of iMessage apps ready, such as a Super Mario Run pack, announced at last week’s iPhone 7 event.

IMG 2943 IMG 2942

IMG 2941 IMG 2944

Right now, Apple also has some Canadian iMessage apps coming, such as one from Yellow Pages, WestJet, Joe Fresh, The Weather Network and more. Stay tuned for tomorrow, folks!


  • mxmgodin

    For having played around with the iOS 10 beta a bit since last week, I really don’t like how Apple implemented stickers in iMessage. If you stick them on already-sent messages you end up hiding half of said message under the sticker in the process. Not very useful…

  • Quattro

    Does the person receiving a message with add-on stickers like this need to have them pre-installed on their phone as well – like emoji’s from 3rd party keyboards?

  • Nick

    I don’t believe both users need the sticker pack installed in order to use it (may be wrong). But both devices do need to be running iOS 10.