Here are New Third Party iOS 8 Keyboards to Try Right Now [LIST]


With today’s iOS 8 release, users can now experience apps updated for the new features available in the latest update, which includes access to new third party keyboards. Here are four you can try right now:

Screenshot 2014 09 17 12 50 43

Let us know which keyboards you’re going to try out!

Update: Added SwiftKey to the list (thanks Caio!)


  • Mike Fradette

    I don’t see any of the keyboards above in the CA App Store yet.

  • Kirk

    You sure? I just downloaded two of them tho?

  • Try our links again, they are all live.

  • Differences between them all?

  • Mike Fradette

    Still can’t access through an App Store search on iOS or iTunes, but I can access it through the links on the page here. Weird.

  • Vincent CAdieux

    God, was waiting for that keyboard for a while. And so disappointed since there is only Français with Azerty keyboard configuration. No french canadian keyboard using Qwerty keyboard….have to revert back to iphone keyboard 🙁

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Swype is AMAZING. I cannot believe we’ve been missing out on it for so long. I’ve been running the GM since last week and have been using the much-improved dictation the majority of the time (while alone mostly), but typing speed is substantially increased with this keyboard.

  • o_clement

    Use SwiftKey
    Can write in both French and English at the same time without having to switch between language

  • o_clement

    It’s been for me
    Writing this with SwiftKey, downloaded from Canadian store

  • Wall Man

    Does Swype need to have “Allow Full Access” to enabled for it to work?
    I tried Swiftkey and it needs the “Allow Full Access” to be enabled for it to work properly. The concern I have is it will send back info on all my keystrokes to the developer, including CC info, user id and password combinations.

  • SwiftKey is pretty accurate especially the swiping. This was typed using the keyboard

  • Sarge

    I was confused at first but figured it out. Swype does not even allow you to choose “Allow Full Access” because it does not allow internet access to the keyboard so your keystrokes are safe. Anytime you enter passwords, iOS forces you to use the Apple Keyboard

  • Chris

    none of these options are showing up in the app store for me, anyone else?

  • Click our links, they work. We’ve verified.

  • DMacB

    “This item is not currently available in the Canadian iTunes Store” is the message that comes up on my Mac and my iPhone.

  • Chris

    showing up for me now in app store, thanks

  • Crosseyedmofo

    adding swype completely eliminates the ability to input texts

  • Wall Man

    Just installed Swype. This is a much better option to Swiftkey, which seemed to be slow in comparison.

    Well worth the $1 price for Swype.