King Camera is the Photography App Full of Features Made in Montreal


King Camera is an impressive little photo app now available on the app store. I had never used the application before but it’s making quite a splash lately with it’s most recent update and the fact that it is now free.

Your iPhone is capable of a number of things that aren’t immediately available in your proprietary Camera app which comes with your phone. King Camera, from Montreal developers, is going about the business of closing the gap between the user and all of the features the camera-in-your-pocket is capable of.

As soon as I opened it up to take the first picture, I must say, I was impressed. The app incorporates a feature that was certainly lacking for me previously. If you’re in a low-light situation and you know you’re going to use your flash for your photo you pretty much have to just snap the photo and hope it looks okay with the light. King Camera allows you to turn on your flash and leave it on while you frame up your photo. Very handy.

Before this most recent update, the application was already sporting a number of other cool features including customizable look filters, anti-shake, timer and time lapse among many, many others. The latest update, version 2.5, includes convenient Instagram sharing as well.

The French Canadian developers put together a little video sharing the news. You might get a kick out of it.

The app is available right here–check it out and let me know what you think!


  • Guest

    umm, so what does this app do again?

  • Erik

    What app?

  • Kraken

    All I saw was (.)(.) in a red suit. 

  • Urir10

    The Bianca app, common pay attention!

  • Marsdust

    Whatever!  So they try to sell their app with some busty bimbo with a crop in her hand?? Sorry but I am so insulted!

  • Anonymous

    For those who are curious, the girl is Bianca Beauchamp, a national Canadian treasure! ***Make sure you have SafeSearch on when (I know not to put if, because I know you will) you Google her!!!***

  • Go be insulted somewhere else then. They were attempting humour to differentiate their videos. That “Busty Bimbo” (who probably has more business sense than any one posting here) isn’t needed to sell the free app, the reviews it gets does that for them. Stop being so sensitive… all three are Montrealers and possibly friends.

    Sorry, but the busty bimbo comment wasn’t necessary. Women don’t need to be of the cuff labled like that. That insulted me.

  • Definingsound

    Lol bianca beauchamp as a spokesperson for camera software. I love Montreal.