Instagram Facebook Sharing Now Offers Full-Sized Images to your News Feed

Instagram has announced photos shared to Facebook will now automatically appear in a new album and full-sized images will show up in your news feed:

The photos will appear full-sized in the News Feed along with the caption that you’ve added to the Instagram photo, and a link to the image’s public URL. This change will also display your Instagram photos beautifully in your timeline!

This added functionality will also enable you to share Instagram pictures posted by your friends to your own Facebook friends. How to enable Facebook sharing within Instagram on your iPhone? Go to…

Profile–>Your photos–>Share post–>Setup sharing

Let the Instagram takeover of your Facebook news feed begin. Instagram amassed more than 10 million users in less than a year, which is impressive since the app is only for the iPhone. Follow us, we’re ‘iphoneincanada’.